Since the early 60s and the Vancouver Poetry Conference, Clark Coolidge has been a vibrant center of modern American poetry. His perceptions about the thickness and musicality of language and description have altered the way we read and write, and the hugeness of his scale, his extended solos and inspired jazz-like composition have brought us back not only Jack Kerouac but Gil Evans. His books include Space, The Maintains, Own Face, Mine: The One That Enters The Stories, At Egypt, The Book of During,and more recently, Keys to the Caverns, Book of Stirs,and Now It's Jazz. Forthcoming are Alien Tattersfrom Atelos, Bombfrom Granary Books and On the Namewaysfrom The Figures. A longtime resident of the East he has been living quietly among us for the past several years and we are very pleased to invite him to read at Small Press Traffic.

March 10, 2000