David Bromige has had thirty books published, many by Black Sparrow, and most recently, by Avec Books (A Cast of Tens) and Sun & Moon (The Harbormaster of Hong Kong). "Ron Silliman says that My Poetry (1980) changed the world of poetry, & stood Langpo on its head. Few have been that generous." David Bromige has been an inspiration to poets in the US, UK and Canada for over thirty years. He has won two NEA awards, two Canada Council awards, a Western States Book Award, a Stein, a Pushcart, was Poet Laureate of UC (all campuses) in 1965, and dubbed a Living Treasure of Sonoma County in 1995. He's currently writing a novel called Success "I published Ted Berrigan in 1866, a typo that says volumes," he writes. "In 1995, at Naropa, I gave Alice Notley a single rose, not a romantic gesture, but because I'd been an asshole in argument the night before. And now along comes Edmund. 'Old age,' quipped George Oppen, 'what a strange thing to happen to a boy.' I'll be the one with painful feet."

October 3, 1997