Ed Roberson is the celebrated author of Voices Cast Out to Talk Us In, winner of the 1994 Iowa Poetry Prize, as well as several earlier books including When Thy King Is a Boy, Etai-Eken, and Lucid Interval as Integral Music. His selected poems (Just In/Word of Navigational Challenges) will appear in the fall, and you heard it here first! Roberson has been compared to such masters as Ornette Coleman, Gabriel García Márquez, Romare Bearden in his complexity and dedication to experiment. This formal bravura and elasticity explores as has no other poetry the mysteries of the African-American experience, seen and heard backwards and forwards in time and space. Ed Roberson is assistant director of special programs at Cook College, Rutgers University. This is a rare San Francisco appearance by one of the great poets of our time.

April 23, 1998