Montreal writer Gail Scott's three novels, Heroine(1987), Main Brides(1993) and the brand new My Paris,have made her one of the great novelists of our time, for in them we see a wedding of feeling and thinking (about feminism, collectivism, character and political activism) very rare in any century or nation. She has also written a book of stories, Spare Parts,and an influential book of theory and criticism, Spaces like Stairs. In 1998 she published an English translation of France Théoret's novel Laurence. A former journalist, Scott was co-founder of the journals Tesseraand Spiraleand is a contributing editor to the Narrative Website Magazineout of the Poetry Center in San Francisco. My Paris,a fictive diary, set in 90s Paris, is authored by a sad diarist whose travel companions include Walter Benjamin and Gertrude Stein. Welcome back, Gail Scott!

January 28, 2000