Hung Q. Tu was born in Vietnam and raised in San Diego. His first book, A Great Ravine,was published by Parentheses Writing Series and a second, Verisimilitude,is forthcoming through Atelos Press. He received a BA in Literature from UC San Diego, and an MFA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. Recent work can be found in such journals as Poetics Journaland Crayon. He is a co-editor of Krupskaya. His writing is dizzy, almost crazy, at the juncture of a number of language practices and social and cultural signposts. In the work of Hung Q. Tu, a fever state of waking and noticing makes mincemeat out of fugue state, tabloid headlines out of headless tap shoes. Under the control of the beast, the world spins, and Hung Q. Tu hangs on by the fingertips, getting bigger than the beast, the world, the nails steely and invitational.

December 10, 1999