How did it happen that two of our great hopes for 1990s poetry are both called "Jeff" (and what about Jeff Buckley???) Jeff Clark, born 1971, attracted
national attention with the publication (by Sun & Moon) of his first book The Little Door Slides Back, a weird, touching, magical blend of Marc Bolan, Mary
Butts, Angela Carter and Austin Powers. This international man of mystery was born in southern California to a Disneyland tourguide and a lounge
performer. In the early 90s he drummed for the experimental band BUICK, and now lives in San Francisco. He is the author of The Little Door Slides Back
(Sun & Moon). His work has appeared in American Letters & Commentary, Angle, Grand Street, Ribot, Tool, and ZYZZYVA. This will be his first poetry
reading ever so skip Velvet Goldmine and come and see two guys named Jeff.

February 26, 1999