Joel Kuszai is the author of A Miscellanyand several other chapbooks of poetry, including Filmic-10and The Oversocialized,and some of his work was included in Writing from The New Coast. His best writing impresses with its melodic thrusts and parries, its sophisticated modulations of do-it-yourself feeling and yearning. He came here from San Diego last year and read briefly at our MLA Reading and we liked it so much we asked him to come back and read more, longer, louder. Since 1993, Joel Kuszai has edited and published more than sixty chapbooks under the imprint Meow Press, one of the indispensable presses of the 1990s. In addition, there is the brand new [email protected](Roof Books), which Kuszai marvellously edited, a collection of writing from the Buffalo Poetics List that he moderated for many years.

March 10, 2000