Moving Borders: Three Decades of Innovative Writing by Women
Reading and Book Launch


with Dodie Bellamy, Norma Cole, Beverly Dahlen, Jean Day, Patricia Dienstfrey, Susan Gevirtz, Barbara Guest, Lyn Hejinian, Myung Mi Kim, Laura Moriarty, Camille Roy, Leslie Scalapino, Mary Margaret Sloan

Here it is at last--Mary Margaret Sloan's ambitious, groundbreaking anthology of formal innovation by US and Canadian women over the past thirty years, and tonight, like Salome, it's unveiled, with brief readings from its Bay Area contributors (and editor Sloan herself). They're all here, front and center, a dazzling chorus line of fragmentation and history. "It is the specificity of each author's art that is most rewarding here: the exhilarating originality of each poetic project and the deep reflection with which these poets explore not just poetry but the possibilities of meaning through language." (Charles Bernstein).

April 9, 1998




Mary Margaret Sloan enlightens the SPT audience