Magdalena Zurawski, also a member of The Sleeves, has published her work in The Impercipient, Mirage #4/Period[ical], Crayon, The Germ, and Explosive. Born in Newark NJ in 1972, Zurawski studied Comp Lit at Brown and took a BA in 1995. For two years she lived in Berlin on a Fulbright grant, studying German literature. When she last read for us at Small Press Traffic, we were located at 24th and Guerrero, she was an undergrad, and the little storefront rocked its hedges. Her forceful, frosty, mystic unterweiberhagen restages the serial poem in a new arenačimagine the daughter of Marianne Faithfull and Jack Spicer. A happy return for us.

March 19, 1999