readings by

Myung Mi Kim
Celine Salazar Parrenas
Ronald Phillip Tanaka
and editor Walter K. Lew


Premonitions, The Kaya Anthology of New Asian North American Poetry, edited by Walter K. Lew, is one of the most exciting books in years. Small Press Traffic is pleased to present its editor, Walter K. Lew, and some of his local contributors. As Maria Damon has written, "An exquisite artifact of activist experimentalism, theoretically smart and so beautiful it hurts, Premonitions promises to be a landmark in American letters for many years to come."

Myung Mi Kim teaches Creative Writing at San Francisco State University. She is the author of Under Flag and The Bounty.

Celine Salazar Parrenas is working on her MFA in Film and Television at UCLA. Her films include Her Uprooting Plants Her and Mahal Means Love and Expensive.

Ronald Phillip Tanaka is a photographer and Professor of English at California State University, Sacramento. He is the author of The Shino Suite: Sansei Poetry.

Walter K. Lew is the author of Excerpts from: DIKTH DIKTE for DICTEE. He edited the inaugural volume of Muæ: A Journal of Transcultural Production, selected by Library Journal as one of the top new magazines of 1995. Lew's translations of the Korean poetry of Yi Sang appear in Poems for the Millennium: The University of California Book of Modern & Postmodern Poetry, Vol. 1.

November 15, 1996