This is a special event that has long been on Small Press Traffic's wish list (along with, you know, a new computer and so forth). People think of Robert Fitterman as a kind of "Language" poet, but he might just be the ultimate heir to the great Objectivists instead, for his epic "Metropolis" project marries the music, scope, and power of Zukofsky to the historico-narrative-documentary of Charles Reznikoff. Robert Fitterman is the author of five books of poetry, recently including Ameresque (Buck Downs Books). The first book of his long poem,Metropolis (1-15), is forthcoming with Sun & Moon Press. He is the editor/publisher of Object magazine and chapbooks. He is also the co-author, with Rodrigo Rey Rosa, of the film script "What Sebastian Dreamt."

January 16, 1998