Taylor Brady is a recent émigré to San Francisco, having spent many years in the Poetics Program at SUNY Buffalo. Publications include a chapbook, Is Placed/Leaves,from Meow Press (1996), and recent poems in Rampike, kenning, Ribot,and Mirage #4/Period(ical). His writing inhabits a world that allows for larger, theoretical critique which at the same time register personal calibrations, so that politics, love, community are all at stake in the work and the reading. Poetry lovers have been holding their collective breath awaiting Brady's work-in-progress, a book of poems, prose narratives and critical writing, Phones, Poles, What to Say When Stepping On Broken Plastic in the Intersection,and Then Again a Hail of Needles in the Notional Forest. This is his first reading in San Francisco.

February 11, 2000