With False Memory and Negative Equity, Tony Lopez's career, hitherto glimpsed in bits and pieces, comes into focus like a shift in the kaleidoscope or my binoculars. His writing makes a person nervous, painfully conscious of the falsities that simplify and abbreviate our lives. But he is a kind master, and provides plenty of pleasure along with the pain. Come on down and show Mr. Lopez a real good time at his first reading in San Francisco. Tony Lopez, born in 1950, has written Snapshots (1976), Abstract & Delicious (1982), A Theory of Surplus Labour (1990), Stress Management (1994) and Negative Equity (1995). His first US book was False Memory published by The Figures in 1996. Recent work appears in many international magazines and in the anthologies Conductors of Chaos, (edited by Iain Sinclair, Picador, 1996) and The Poets Calendar for the Millennium (Sun & Moon, 1997). He teaches in England at the University of Plymouth.

October 16, 1998