We celebrate with Yedda Morrison the publication of her first book, Her Knife, Fork & Spoon: A Book of Etiquette (Double Lucy Press), and the first issue of Tripwire , the magazine of youth poetics she edits with David Buuck. She was born in San Francisco, lived in a free store in the Haight Ashbury, and spent her childhood "on communes, attending anti-nuclear power rallies, etc." She was the assistant editor for Moving Borders and a former intern at Small Press Traffic. In Morrison's writing distinctions disappear between person and object, object and subject, tense and waistcoat. On this shifting ground of raw, burnt satin, an uneasily female perspective emerges, evoking the claustrophobic sensuality of Eva Hesse, Gloria Grahame, Jean Rhys.

April 14, 1998


Yedda Morrison and Anselm Berrigan take on the rough-and-tumble world of contemporary poetry.