Jim Behrle

Behrle's latest chapbook is Recent Sonic News (Please evict us, 2002). He serves as Roving Poet for WBUR's noontime syndicated Public Radio newsmagazine "Here & Now." Behrle lives in Brookline, Massachusetts, where he also edits the online journal can we have our ball back? and serves as the poetry editor for Pindeldyboz.
Behrle appeared in our New Experiments series on February 15, 2003
He writes: "Around September, 2001 did Human Nature change? How late is it, and what does that mean for the younger generations of poets? Young American poets are the bastard latchkey children of an overwhelming and disparate generation. We are the students, acolytes, and banner-carriers for poets who would like to mold and/or f**k us. Will we remain foot soldiers in the wars of their mentors? What ought new magazines, presses, reading series do to be vital? Ought Creative Writing programs exist? Every aspect of trying to write innovatively in the United States needs to be refreshed. If the succeeding generations of American poets are to be innovative and exciting, they must be in spite of the work and advice of the previous generations. To make it new, it ought to be broken. This discussion centers around the need for new reigning models, which will place future generations of American poetry out from under the shadows of their predecessors."