Charles Bernstein

From Borscht Belt vaudeville to his embrace by the trendy theorists of Paris, Charles Bernstein's career has had more ups and downs
than Jerry Lewis. But with undimming flash and generosity his poetry speaks with greater force than ever, and it is always an event in our
lives as participants in culture to see him read, for his work, always intriguing, at its best reaches the exhilarating glass-green rush and
sublimity of Niagara Falls. He is the author of 20 books of poetry (including the newest , Republics of Reality: Poems 1975-1995, from
Sun & Moon), and two influential books of essays: A Poetics (Harvard University Press, 1992) and Content's Dream: Essays
(Sun & Moon Press, 1986, 1994). Bernstein is David Gray Professor of Poetry and Letters at the State University of New
York at Buffalo.
January 10, 1998