Anselm Berrigan

I remember going to a reading way back in the 1990s when Anselm Berrigan was introduced as "the sexiest poet in San Francisco."
Well, he's grayed and matured now (and moved to Brooklyn) but the former It Boy still knows how to pack a poem with wit, touch, a
shimmering irony and plenty of U-turns between sense and bafflement. Berrigan is a vortex, a nexus, a weather system all to himself.
Wherever he goes he catalyzes atmospheres, scenes, admirers, and this fine new work. Words--the right words--spin his way like darts.
Berrigan is the author of On The Premises (Gas Editions) and They Beat Me Over the Head with a Sack (Edge Books). He currently
teaches at Brooklyn College. This event marks a happy return for us.
April 14, 1998