Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge

Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge was born in Beijing and grew up in Massachusetts. Her books include The Heat Bird (Burning Deck, winner of an American Book Award), Empathy (Station Hill), and Four Year Old Girl (Kelsey Street). Her collaborations include artists books with Richard Tuttle and Kiki Smith, and theatre works with Frank Chin, Blondell Cummings, Tan Dun, Shi Zhen Chen and Alvin Lucier. She has been a contributing editor of Conjunctions magazine since 1978, and has taught at Brown University and the Institute of American Indian Arts. Once an associate of Georgia O'Keefe, she is active in both Native and Asian American cultural movements, and recently read at the UN.
September 7, 2001
Listen to an excerpt of Berssenbrugge's SPT reading.