Catalina Cariaga

Catalina Cariaga lives in Oakland, and her first book Cultural Evidence is the first production of Subpress Collective, the new
artist-run poetry collective. Cultural Evidenceis an intensely serious exploration of family and language, combining the uncanny
authenticities of oral tradition and the most sophisticated mixed-use typeface technology, mirroring the diaspora of her family from the South Asian Pacific islands to California's rocky beaches and cities. Publishers Weekly says "Whether deconstructing myths of anthropology's objectivity, of "culture" as defined by different, often incompatible worldviews, or self-sustaining myths of non-fluid time, nation, place or language, Cariaga's passionate investigations provide ample evidence for their dispersal." Her poems have appeared in Chain, New American Writing and Zyzzyva ,among others.
February 25, 2000