Sarah Anne Cox

We admire Sarah Anne Cox for her precision, her short lines which overflow in the mind to create specific and timeless renderings of anarchy, civility, beauty, terror. She has immense senses of history and of humor. Her work is grounded in her study of and play with ancient languages and texts. Her poems bind current political situations and popular culture to religious and philosophical traditions in surprising and exciting ways. Cox is the author of Home of Grammar (Double Lucy, 1997) and definite articles (a+bend, 1999). Her poetry and critical work has appeared in numerous journals, including Arshile, Five Fingers Review, How2, Scout, Syllogism, and Tripwire, and she is an associate editor of Outlet. Cox rounds things out by singing with the band heavenacid.
March 23, 2001

Read her poem & her review of Norma Cole's The Vulgar Tongue.