Tim Davis

Tim Davis is the author of two chapbooks, My Life In Politics--or--A History of N=A=R=R=A=T=I=V=E Film (Object
Editions/Poetscoop) and The Analogy Guild (Arras Press). He is also a ukeleleist, photographer, assistant editor at New Directions. "These days," he writes, he "seems to feel both shaken and stirred." Davis is among the new generation of young poets who have once more made New York the poetry capital of America while we look on with remote envy and fascination. His writing combines every mode you can think of with volley upon volley of perception, analysis and a thousand jokes and puns. "Their masseuses telex like it is/ a peace ribbon/ frayed with lack of rage/ there's an 'a so' in Mason/ but I don't know/ all society is secret our/ crinoline rallying cries claim."
November 29, 1997