Marcella Durand is well known back east as the James Dean of poetry: "Some of the most fun moments I've had is while twisting syntax up," she confesses. "I like driving down that road of a sentence and turning away at the last minute - playing chicken with nouns and verbs." She’s also been called Whitmanesque. Durand is the author of Lapsus Linguae and City of Ports; her Western Capital Rhapsodies will appear soon from Faux Press. Durand co-editedVenice (the invisible city) (Erato Press), a collection of art and poetry inspired by Italo Calvino. Formerly of the Poetry Project in NYC, she started the fabulous Tiny Press Center; her history of women publishers at the PP appeared in Outlet # 4/5. Currently, she is co-editing the franco-american web site,, as well as an anthology of contemporary French poetry.
May 11, 2001
Durand also spoke about Ecological Poetry in SPT's New Experiments series on September 21, 2002. Read from her talk.