Liz Fodaski

I'm pleased that after months and months of negotiations, Small Press Traffic will be the site of Liz Fodaski's San Francisco debut, for among all the young poets in New York whom I have studied from afar, I wanted her so bad! Her recent writing posits a little man in her head, "allied to Socrates," who's not especially reliable, kind, or perhaps good for a woman's peace of mind, a man who forces all kinds of questions and connections about invasion, possession, ownership and invention. "This is not your flowering flower found in a field you know." We have lost Hannah Weiner but now we have Liz Fodaski. Born and raised in New York City, where she still lives, Elizabeth Fodaski is the curator for the Segue Foundation's reading series and the editor/publisher of Torque. She was a finalist for the National Poetry Series and has been published in Lingo, Big Allis, Chain, and Mirage #4/Period(ical).
February 12, 1999