Kathleen Fraser

Kathleen Fraser is one of the superb marvels of San Francisco, an important poet, publisher, literary scholar, and critic. Her many books include Il Cuore (the heart): New & Selected Poems 1970-1995 (Wesleyan, 1997) and the stunningly inventive and compelling When New Time Folds Up (Chax Press, 1993). She is founding editor of How(ever), a landmark periodical of innovative feminist writing, now alive on the web as How2. She founded The American Poetry Archives during her directorship of The Poetry Center at SFSU and wrote and narrated the video anthology Women Working in Literature. Recent work includes a collection of essays, Translating the Unspeakable: Poetry and the Innovative Necessity (University of Alabama Press, 2001).
Ocotber 25, 1996 & October 11, 2002