Luisa Futoransky, currently Regents Lecturer at UC Berkeley, lives now in Paris, where she works for the Pompidou Center.
Futoransky was born in Buenos Aires in 1939. As a young woman, she left the study of law to study instead with Borges, and became an active member of the literary circle organized around the Argentine magazine Sur. With the dictatorship in 1976, she left her native land for the National Music Academy of Japan, and then to Radio Beijing. Then on to Paris, Berkeley, and eventually, of course, Small Press Traffic. Her work is vivid, humorous, informed by her thinking on exile, translation, and the visual arts and music. This will be a bilingual (Spanish and English) reading to launch Futoransky's new book of selected poems, The Duration of the Voyage (Junction Press).
October 17, 1997