Fanny Howe

We are very pleased to begin our new Life/Forms: New Ways to See It, New Ways to Say It program with one of our favorite writers, the inimitable Fanny Howe. Fanny Howe has written twenty books of fiction and poetry, including The Deep North, The Lives of a Spirit, Poem from a Single Pallet, The Quietist, Robeson Street, O'Clock, and Saving History. Her most recent is Nod from Sun and Moon Books. She has won two NEA awards and is a Fellow of the Bunting Institute. She teaches writing and American literature at UCSD. She is both of the earth and high above it, her writing touches on the spirit, the body and the complicated social and political frames both quarrel in. When I get in a jam, I always try to remember to ask myself, "In this situation what would Fanny Howe do?"
September 25-26, 1998

Fanny Howe's most recent novel is Indivisible (Semiotexte/MIT Press, 2002), & her Selected Poems appeared in 2000, from the University of California Press. Her numerous other books include The Quietist (O Books) & the stern, gorgeous novel Nod (Sun & Moon) for which she won the American Book Award. Howe’s compelling critical writings have appeared in How2 & Moving Borders: Three Decades of Innovative Writing by Women (Talisman House, 1998).
March 1, 2002