Kevin Killian, long-time Small Press Traffic volunteer, has manfully volunteered to be the opening act for our UK visitor (Caroline Bergvall). His 1997 books are Little Men (Hard Press), Arctic Summer (Hard Candy) and the new Argento Series (Meow Books), which collects many of the poems he has written over the past few years on the intertwined topics of HIV and the films of the Italian horror maestro Dario Argento. With Lew Ellingham Killian has written the life of the US poet Jack Spicer which Wesleyan University Press will publish in the spring. "Five Years in the Life of Jack Spicer" has recently appeared in the Impercipient Lecture Series, and another excerpt from this biography will appear in Chicago Review in December.
October 14, 1997

Killian currently serves as SPT's board treasurer, and his latest book is Argento Series (Krupskaya, 2001).