Pamela Lu took Carla Harryman's tentative, ambiguous "we" and ran with it the full nine yards in Pamela: a Novel (Atelos), which some critics have acclaimed as the "last masterpiece of the 20th Century." When you're Pamela Lu, you have the reclamé of your peers, the admiration of your elders, the wisdom of one far beyond your years, and a prose style at once grave and gay, filtered and remarkably direct. You've already grown up in a "provincial region of Southern California," studied math at UC Berkeley, moved to the Mission. You co-edit Idiom,the "occasionally productive" online journal and chapbook press. Your attention has turned to a new blend of poetry, history, determination and we-ness, "The Accused." To cap it all off you have joined the board of Small Press Traffic, because, just because, you're Pamela Lu.
September 17, 1999