Camille Martin

Martin is a New Orleans poet and translator. Her collections of poetry are sesame kiosk (Potes & Poets, 2001), magnus loop (Chax Press,1999), rogue embryo (Lavender Ink, 1999), and Plastic Heaven (Fell Swoop, 1996). She will read from a new work, codes of public sleep. Martin founded and co-curates the Lit City Poetry Reading Series in New Orleans ( and is currently completing a dissertation on contemporary experimental poetry and its conjunction with pheomenology and cognitive science.
Camille Martin was part of our New Expirimets series on April 5, 2003
.Camille Martin writes: "For poets and dreamers - and brain researchers - it's a commonplace that conscious thought is only a tiny island in a vast neural sea. The embodied nature of thought and the inaccessibility of much of it to consciousness
has profound implications for poetry and poetics. Furthermore, recent discussions in cognitive science about the construction of self and narrative echo similar concerns in experimental poetry. I will discuss some of these correspondences and propose ways in which recent developments in cognitive science during the "decade of the brain" contribute to a richer understanding of recent experimental poetry."