Steve McCaffery

At long last Steve McCaffery returns to San Francisco! For thirty years McCaffery has been thinking and re-thinking through poetry and the more he has thought, the richer the juice. The book, the words, the page (and their bilocal opposites, the "non-book,"
"non-words," the "non-page") cavort like living, breathing creatures in an open field of imagination and free play. Don't you hate the word "genius"? He must be sick of hearing it by now, and yet, and yet . . . There's no poet I admire more, and no performer I anticipate with more thrill. McCaffery is the author of many influential books, including Panopticon (1984); North of Intention: Critical Writings 1973-86 (1986); The Black Debt (1989); Theory of Sediment (1991). Tonight he will be reading from his new book The Cheat of Words (ECW Press, Toronto, 1996).
April 19, 1997