Eileen Myles

We work hard to bring you legend after legend, week after week. The poet Eileen Myles, based in New York and Provincetown, has read and performed her work all over the world but nobody loves her more than audiences in San Francisco. She's a great raconteur and a brilliant stylist; she slips in and out of personae the way her writing blurs the boundaries between artifice and "real life," stardom and poverty, romance and repulsion, prose and poetry, hurling invective like Catullus, crooning lullabies like Catullus. She is a creature of the night sky like the moon over Avenue A. Eileen Myles contributes articles and reviews to Art in America, The Nation, Nest, Civilization & The Stranger. Her books include School of Fish, Maxfield Parrish, Not Me and Chelsea Girls (stories). She's lately finished a novel, Cool for You.
March 24, 2000