Sianne Ngai's books are My Novel (Leave) and Discredit (Burning Deck). Poems are forthcoming in A.BACUS. An essay
(co-authored with Aviva Briefel) on Clive Barker's shivery race-relations film Candyman appears in the current Camera Obscura
We're lucky her grandparents live here in San Francisco; otherwise we wouldn't get this chance to hear Ngai read from her poetry. It's a thoughtful and surprising body of work: imagine the strong clear music of Laura (Riding) Jackson crossed with the international chops and glamor of, mmm, Michelle Yeoh? Only five more shopping days till Christmas, or whatever; you deserve this poetry fix right now!
December 19, 1997

Ngai also read at SPT on November 17, 2000; her book Criteria is available from O Books.