Lisa Robertson is a member of the Kootenay School of Writing, a group of energetic young poets who collectively changed the face of Western Canadian writing beginning in the 1980s. She co-edits the poetry journal Raddle Moon with Susan Clark in Vancouver. Her new manuscript, Debbie: an epic, on which she has been working for many years, promises to be a Molotov cocktail of Edith Sitwell's War Trilogy and Stanley Donen's Funny Face. "Think pink!" In her spare time, she tells her American fans, Lisa visits scrap yards and trains large dogs. Her books and chapbooks include The Apothecary and XEclogue (Tsunami Editions), Barscheit Horse (with Catriona Strang and Christine Stewart) (The Berkeley Horse), and the brand new The Descent: a light comedy in three parts (Meow Press).
October 18, 1996