Kit Robinson has recently done readings in Detroit, Buffalo, Philadelphia, New York and England, but there's nothing like Small Press Traffic to bring out the best in this uniquely American poet. His latest book, Cloud Eight (collaborations with Alan Bernheimer), is new from Sound & Language. Others include Democracy Boulevard, Balance Sheet and Ice Cubes(all from Roof Books), and titles from such noted small presses as Zasterle, The Figures, Potes & Poets, Chax Press, Whale Cloth and Tuumba. His translation from the Russian of Ilya Kutik's Ode on Visiting the Belosaraisk Spit on the Sea of Azov is available from Alef Books. If there were some secret plot to make a DNA sample of William Carlos Williams, and re-animate the kindly doctor of Paterson, NJ, into a computer-based, Language-oriented, simulacrum of a great poet, Kit Robinson would step out, tall and lanky, from the Petri dish of our fondest hopes.

May 26, 2000