Kim Rosenfield

Originally from Southern California, Kim Rosenfield comes to us from New York where she writes some of the oddest and loveliest poems I know. Her concern for display and spectacle, her Baudrillardean, ecstatic sweep of language and physicality, balance on the one hand urgency and drama and on the other, the cold finish of stainless steel, the animatronics of Disney and Brigitte Nielsen. Rosenfield is the author of three chapbooks: Some Of Us (Ouija Madness Press), Rx & Cool Clean Chemistry (Leave Books), and A Self-Guided Walk (Object/p o e t s c o o p). Her poetry has appeared in several journals including Black Bread, Chain, Big Allis, Object, Mirage #4/Period(ical), and Torque. She is a clinical social worker at New York University.
January 16, 1998

Ms. Rosenfield also contributed the poetic accompaniment to our fashion extravaganza, April 2001. Look for Kevin Killian's report on the event in the Fall/Winter 2001 issue of Traffic.