Aaron Shurin’s books of poetry include Into Distances (Sun & Moon), A’s Dream (O Books), The Graces (Four Seasons Foundation) and Unbound: A Book of AIDS (Sun & Moon). A book of selected poems, The Paradise of Forms, appeared last year from Talisman House to consolidate his national reputation; it was named one of the Best Books of 1999 by Publishers Weekly. His brand new book is A Door, also from Talisman. Aaron Shurin turns his powerful instrument, the stern Carl Sandberg of a sinful city, towards a new formation of shamanic lyric. When people are oppressed or upset anywhere, they have a noble voice to sing their ancient lament, the voice of Shurin, who returns the "social" to a poetry world in which the "social" has long been reduced to repartee.
October 27, 2000