Tracy Splinter was born in 1971 in Cape Town, South Africa, of Dutch, Javanese, and English descent. After emigration to Germany, she became a New German National in 1997, and lives in Hamburg. Splinter is prominent in the spoken word scenes of Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, and Rotterdam. Fluent in German, English, Afrikaans, and Spanish, she has translated her own poetry for the Euro-San Francisco Festival readings. "Ich habe keine Eile, die Welt zu zerstören," she writes, "was wirklich will ist sie wiederzuerschaffen./ Und will, dass Du meine meistgeschätz- und einmaligste Schöpfung bist." ("I am in no hurry to destroy the world/ in fact I want to recreate it/and I want you to be my most prized and most exquisite creation.") .
Euro-SF Poetry Festival event
September 24, 1999