Brian Kim Stefans

This will be Brian Kim Stefans' first reading in San Francisco, and we've been trying for a year to get him here. The formal
experimentation that characterized 70s and 80s "Language Poetry" is here, alive and blooming, but with a pop-culture injection of speed, interface, dynamism, wit. Brian Kim Stefans is the author of Free Space Comix (Roof Books, 1998), Gulf(Object Editions, 1998) and co-author (with Sianne Ngai) of The Cosmopolitans ("Interlope," issue 2). His graphic and interactive poetry can be found at, and the on-line poetry journal he edits, Arras ,is at www/ Criticism is forthcoming in Talisman.He works as Associate Project Coordinator in the web department at Fodor's Travel. When people ask, what's really new in poetry, we always give a name or two, and one is Brian Kim Stefans'.
December 10, 1999