Michelle Tea is the brilliant young author of two recent novels The Passionate Mistakes and Intricate Corruption of One Girl in America (Semiotext(e) Native Agents Series, 1998) and Valencia (Seal Press, 2001), which have catapulted her amidst a sea of controversy to the front of the pack. One of only a handful of great novels actually written in San Francisco, Valencia is an impossibly romantic, angry, poetic, tender and dazed epic of the dyke underground of our city's Valencia Street-a crazy urban bohemia which seemed to flourish and dissipate right before our eyes at the same post-industrial moment. Some find Tea's psychotropic maximalism taxing and artless, but the smart ones bow down, as one might to a radical blend of Kathy Acker,
Eileen Myles, and Carson McCullers. (. . . "She is the We of Tea." . . . ) She is a founding member of Sister Spit, the women's
travelling art/spoken word/music collective.
March 9, 2001