Edwin Torres

The brilliant Nuyorican poet and performance worker Edwin Torres makes his debut in San Francisco, and Small Press Traffic's got him. When we read inNew York magazine, "It's hard to wrestle meaning from the shreds of language he tosses out. And on paper, Torres seems to make as much sense as a Port Authority schizophrenic," we knew that Edwin Torres was our kind of guy. "It is obvious that Edwin Torres is the bastard love child of Mayakovsky and Parra, midwifed by Apollinaire," writes Christian Haye in The Poetry Project Newsletter. His books include I Hear Things People Haven't Really Said and Lung Poetry.
September 26, 1997

Edwin Torres "is the inventor...the most optimistic, agile poet around," writes Brenda Coultas. Torres' latest publication is PLEASE, a CD collection of new texts, audio poems, soundscapes, and video, recently issued by Faux Press. Born in the Bronx, Torres' earlier works include the CD Holy Kid (Kill Rock Stars, 1998) -- which was included in the exhibition The American Century Part II at the Whitney -- and the book Fractured Humorous (Subpress, 1999). Check him out online at brainlingo.com. "we were strangers in the same sentence/I was alien."
March 7, 2003