Rodrigo Toscano

We're happy to welcome former San Franciscan and current New Yorker Rodrigo Toscano back for this reading. Originally from San Diego, Toscano's books include The Disparities and Partisans. His work has appeared in journals such as New American Writing, Chain, West Coast Line, Poetics Journal, The Washington Review, Zyzzyva, Big Allis, Tripwire, Object/Torque and Mirage #4/Period[ical]. He is currently at work on a new book commissioned by Atelos Press. Toscano is always worth listening to, for he must spend fifteen hours a day thinking and working about the plight of the underclass in a big man's world of delusions and torture. "Who inspects what?/ I'm a doormat talking as if I'm a kingpin./ There's my world down there."
May 11, 2001
& September 18, 1998