Dorothy Trujillo Lusk

For ten years, ever since we first stumbled on her prophetic books Redactive and Oral Tragedy, we have watched and waited until NASA thought it safe to unleash the Vancouver poet Dorothy Trujillo Lusk onto the porous, red soil of the San Francisco Bay Area. Her intricate and dazzling powers of thought are combined with a seductive music and erudition that bewilder and enchant, like those two little twin fairies in the Godzilla pictures. Her other books include Volume Delays (Sprang Texts 1994) and Sleek Vinyl Drill (Thuja Books 2000). Ogresse Oblige is forthcoming from Krupskaya. "Writing, here, can initiate a not so softened horizon: exsentimental flying saucers of evidence, severely outside." -- Bruce Andrews.
January 12, 2001