Dan Farrell
The Inkblot Record
Toronto: Coach House, 2000

A little like being on a steady drip of 'soul medication'. After reading Farrell's book I know why, and knowing is half the battle. After you read this book, ask yourself what else you have yet to learn the basics of. Be sure to read this thriller with all the lights on in the house! Buy this book if you have deep pockets and will indeed open your own bank. Dr.Farrell again uncovers little-known statistics that media and government don't necessarily want us to know which will prove surprising. Even though the storyline is a little stronger than I anticipated, I'm glad I did. Every single page between the Contents and Acknowledgments has at least one picture, almost all in color, and from artists of many continents and time
periods. However, this book isn't progress but Neanderthal thinking. I am thirteen and when my seven year old brother and I checked it out, we read it over and over again until the due date and than we checked it out again. I bought this book as a gift but couldn't bear to part with it so I gave it to myself & keep it by my bedside. I love being able to just flip through the book and read as much or as little as I have time for at that moment. I was very impressed by the depth of the author's research, which is presented in a clear and concise manner. If you like the mafia and you love Vegas, then you ought to read this one. I'm looking forward to the sequel. In doing so,Dr. Farrell is *not* saying that women do not have legitimate concerns. In fact some of the language and a little of the attitude seems quite simple. It isn't just a mystery; it's one of the most provocative paintings of the south I have read in a while. It seems to me to fill an important niche between a book for the novice and a book for the professional. It's as simple as recognizing that two is more than one with Farrell showing us just how much more and how to overcome the difficulties of bringing one and one together to make two for the benefit of the children. My previous company used videos of Mr. Farrell's public speaking engagements as part of our training on customer service. Now 79, Farrell no longer performs publicly but has some cogent comments on the current musical scene. One of the greatest gifts is the ability to influence others to a higher level of self-esteem. Overall a great book to spend a few days with. Read this bookif you are looking for a vision of a better world with understanding, candor and fairness. Sadly, though, because of its brutal honesty and political incorrect views regarding mothers, fathers, and children, the mainstream media will ignore it and ideological feminists will wage war against it. So if you need some helpful advice, pick up this book--it's well worth the cover price and plenty more. Summary: If you want to understand the system of specialist and you want to make $128 per round trip scalping teenies all day, BUY THIS BOOK NOW. Sure, there are pathological extremes among Dads as in any large group but Farrell shows that most Dads are just ordinary guys who love their kids and who want to be an active part of their lives. The astronomy at first doesn't seem to connect until about a hundred pages
in--then you realize what an interesting twist it gives. The effort of selecting and matching (and obtaining permissions) must have been huge but we're the fortunate beneficiaries. The ending will no doubt have you asking for more. The enjoyment I got from goosing the specialist is delicious. The only thing that could have made the book better would have been a coherent plan for how men can achieve equality with women. The story starts out scary enough to keep you at your target heart rate AND keep you up reading until all hours of the night. The techniques mentioned sound great, but I'm too poor and too chicken to try them right now. There is also a balance between using machines and hand tools. This book was very dark and frightening. This easy, casual approach presents a great tool for each of us. This is much more than just another Freud-bashing book. This is the first book I've ever read that actually made my hands tremble. With a stroke of his pen, he creates an intoxicating atmosphere of inestimable, dynamic characters so rich in dialect and life that they ascend from his inscribed print. You won't find those facts in this book.

---David Buuck

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