New Writing


John Crouse


Comprehensive Azures Continguous Stacks Floating. Im Going to Put You Away.
Why Identify? Yellow To Hold Them. A Rain Increases. Focus On Radiance Muted
Theres Other Stuff. A Liver There. Smell Of The Water Stops Steps
Through Books. No Answer Needed.
Stolen Lesson Here Is Direct. Leaves It Later Is A World Beginning. A Final
Thrusted Image Understood. Present To An Outer. Between Each Is Later. Can Any Be
A Series?
Read As Prose Poems To Brightly Begin While Or Supercede Unannounced.
Told As Woven Wished It To Brightly Present Yr Moments Course.
Landsakes, Someones Dismembered Their Walking Prose, Lost Their Less On
Scope Carried To Its Funny Trick Out Of Nowhere Walking Prose Perhaps Allows.
Uh, Especially This Is Whats Doing. Instantly Spoken Heart Displays Braying
Content, Lines Incidents Found.
Is Whats Cut Off Spaced In The Take? Lapsed Another Breathless Crumble
Collated, Produced in A Wake A Venom Wheel Got Disjunction Crumbling Memory.
Wheres The Black Water? Stylist It Rejoice. Is That A Tongueless? Unicycle
Ride To The Radical Tilts Broke Paragraph Light.
Being Are Literally Thefted Any Future To Collapse To Gather.
Slippage & Static Straight To The Bodyfluids Criminal Saga.

John Crouse read at SPT with Kimberly Lyons on May 18, 2001. This poem is from Headlines ( O Books, 2001).