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Small Press Traffic is in its 26th year of providing a critical service to the local and national literary communities: a place where writers and readers can meet, where crosscurrents of a literary world can come together to foster the growth of new literatures. We help to maintain San Francisco's status as one of the nation's most important literary centers. Timeless poetic practices and fresh currents from diverse sectors of the literary world come together, helping new writing proliferate. Although Small Press Traffic's attendance rates are exceptionally high, only 10% of our costs are covered by door receipts. We count on your support to keep this crucial meeting place open to all.

We need your help to continue to explore new ways to engage with the literary community. When you become a member of Small Press Traffic, you are supporting an institution that has reliably provided one of the longest-running reading series in the Bay Area. You can also help us to knit together the infrastructure that keeps the literary community alive with the events we routinely organize--book parties, author receptions, celebrations of new anthologies, and the co-hosting of events with local institutions. Your membership will help us to creatively bring together writers and readers.

As a member of Small Press Traffic, you will receive free admission to all our events as well as a subscription to our exciting newsletter. Your tax-deductible membership helps to keep the local and national literary communities thriving. Please become a member, or renew your membership. We are counting on you.

If you would like to become a member of Small Press Traffic please send your name and address and a check for one of the amounts listed below  to:

Small Press Traffic
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George Albon, Mike Amnasan, Stefani Barber, James Benedict, David Buuck & Yedda Morrison, Norma Cole, Sarah Anne Cox, Del Rey Cross, Brent Cunningham, Beverly Dahlen, Albert DeSilver, Pauline Facciano, Susan Gevirtz, Gary Gintzler, Dale Going, Rob Halpern, Lyn Hejinian, David Highsmith, Stan Hutton, Paul & Elizabeth Jackson, Rowena V. Jackson, Edith Jenkins, Summi Kaipa, Vincent Katz, David Larsen, Cassie Lewis, Mark Linenthal, Dana Lomax, Rick London, Pamela Lu, Mark &Valerie; Luoto, Mary Manning, Suzi Markham, Duncan McNaughton, Ian Morrison, Diana Morrison, Anne-Mary Mullen, Beth Murray, Denise Newman, Karla Nielson, John Norton, Michael Palmer, Noel Peattie, Stephen Ratcliffe, Laurie Reid, Adrienne Rich, Karl Roeseler, Jocelyn Saidenberg, Leslie Scalapino, Lauren Schiffman, Roger Snell, Jill Stengel, Brian Strang, Lujuana Wolfe Treadwell, Rob Tufel, Thomas A. Vogler, Denise Zetterbaum. (as of 5/1/01)